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Our Products


Coroplast is a corrugated plastic which is totally waterproof and commonly used for Real Estate signs, Election signs, Golf Sponsorship signs, Job Site signs and Garage Sale signs. With prices starting at $6.00 per square foot, it is an inexpensive choice for shorter term signs. Coroplast comes in a selection of colors and accepts vinyl and screen printing. We also provide a free wire stand with each sign.

aluminum 1.jpg

Aluminum signs do not rust. It is fairly light-weight and has long term durability. It comes in many colors and is one of the best choices for outside signs. Prices start at $10 per square foot. These signs are great for traffic signs, road name signs, business sign, 911 address signs, etc. They are lettered with vinyl, paint or screen printing.

wood sign blank.jpg

Wood Signs are a great choice for a nature setting or natural look. Wood signs can be painted, routed and carved to achieve the look you want. The wood products we use range from sign board (MDO), which is a weather resistant plywood, to cedar. Prices start at $20 per square foot.

magnetic sign.jpg

Magnetic signs allow you to add and remove your advertisement as you want. Great option for a multiple use vehicle or truck. The standard size is 12"x 24" and the cost for a pair start at $50. This is the same price I charged 20 years ago! 


Back Lit Signs will really get attention. They are available with the latest LED lighting and are very cost effective to operate. The lettering is done with a translucent vinyl material which really stands out day and night.

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